Offer & Services

A comprehensive offer

We provide turnkey solutions and we accompany our clients throughout, from the identification of their needs to the execution of their healthcare projects, as well as the services related to those projects: receipt, installation, implementation, assistance in start-up, training and maintenance and after-sales service

We coordinate the entire development of your project, from its conception through its funding,
construction, fitting-out, commissioning, operation and maintenance

Conception & studies

We coordinate all the study phases, from feasibility through to the design specifications ready for construction. Our engineers produce the biomedical summary, enabling the equipment/building interfaces to be correctly taken into account
- Feasibility, Medical Programme, Establishment Project,
- Architectural and technical programming,
- Programming of biomedical equipment

Construction & equipment

SFEH has its own work team, which can:
- Prepare the design specifications,
- Supervise the works,
- Coordinate subcontractors

Installation & commissioning

Our biomedical engineers and technicians assure the following provisions:
- Installation of biomedical equipment,
- Commissioning of equipment,
- Training of users and maintenance personnel

We offer a wide variety of turnkey solutions: general hospitals, medical institutions, paediatric hospitals, dental clinics, quality control laboratories, dialysis centres, medical analysis laboratories, diagnostic centres, maternity units, construction of modular buildings, mobile units, emergency services, etc.

Our expertise

Our expertise can be summed up in the following spheres:

Conception and studies

SFEH coordinates the execution of all the study phases, from feasibility through to the design specifications. We carry out feasibility studies (programming, draft, ground plan), we prepare biomedical equipment and building services and equipment (BS&E), we conceive a preliminary project then a detailed project and we prepare the design specifications

Biomedical engineering

Our biomedical engineers intervene from the conception phase in order to define the distribution of equipment area by area, prepare an implementation study and biomedical summary plans, and, above all, in order to guarantee a good equipment/buildings interface and to install the equipment, configure it and supervise its entry into operation

Financial engineering

We present a complete suite of financial solutions aimed at materialising each project through institutional funding, bilateral, mixed and multilateral credits

Procurements and logistics

Whatever the final delivery point, we ensure, together with our partners, end-to-end delivery in multi-mode transport. We respect the balance between cost, time and quality of the proposed service. Our logistics teams organise all the transport provisions, in complete containers, groupage, by road, air or sea. We assure deliveries in landlocked countries, as well as special appliance freight

Organisation of training

We organise the training of our clients' teams through specialisation courses in public and private medical establishments. We also organise technical training programmes aimed at operators and maintenance staff

Technical support and maintenance

We have a single Execution & Maintenance platform, located in the heart of Africa. It has human and material means capable of carrying out work of great complexity in hospital environments, installing and commissioning equipment of all technologies and ensuring the maintenance of all BS&E packages and biomedical equipment

Hospital management

In partnership with the private French group Clinifutur, we provide a solution for the operation of your healthcare structures: delegation of administrative tasks, management of human resources, securement of accountancy activity - these are just some of the activities which our outsourcing contracts can include