The Group

Sfeh around the world

The SFEH group now has four main subsidiaries strategically located in developing countries. It also has a worldwide network of agents and two exclusive representation offices in China and Angola

IECSA Madrid

Madrid IECSA was created in 1992. It undertakes not only healthcare projects but also turnkey agro-industrial and educational projects.

IECSA Argentina

In 1993, SFEH gained a foothold in South America with the creation of its Argentinean subsidiary IECSA Argentina in Buenos Aires, which works specifically on regional demand and an offering of "Made in Argentina" services.


In 1997, the North American subsidiary of the group was created in Miami: AME extends our know-how to Central and North America.

I2E Tchad

In 2015, SFEH set up in the heart of Africa with the creation of a true technical base (I2E) in the Republic of Chad. I2E serves the entire region of Central and West Africa.


Canway is our exclusive representation office in Beijing, China.

Networks of agents and partners

SFEH also has a worldwide network of commercial partners and agents.